Vending business for coffee machines: is it profitable?


The service technician visits an average of ten points of sale per day, checks the condition of the machine, earns in the form of small bills and coins.

Consumable Requirements

To make delicious coffee, it is better to buy quality ingredients. Even if a glass of drink costs 2-3 hryvnia more, delicious coffee will attract a large number of customers.

Consumables that need to be replenished regularly:

  • Various compositions of coffee.
  • Granulated sugar.
  • Dry cream in granules.
  • Water.
  • Plastic or paper cups.
  • Sugar mixers.

Most coffee machines do not require a connection to water – it is poured inside the machine. It is better to fill with purified water. Some entrepreneurs try to save money by pouring tap water, which greatly spoils the taste of drinks. Consumables are bought in specialized stores where they sell raw materials for vending – you cannot pour ordinary coffee into the machine.

How to choose a device?

Experienced businessmen came to the conclusion that for the profitability of the vending business, it is necessary to rent / buy and service at least 5 coffee machines. To begin with, you should rent one device and evaluate its performance. After that, install several more coffee makers at checkpoints, without waiting for the payback of the first machine.

Also, experts do not recommend buying used cars to people who do not have experience in repairing and adjusting them. The new machine will be under warranty and the used coffee maker will have to be repaired by yourself. On average, a coffee machine makes a profit after a year of operation.

Possible risks and business prospects

The first thing a novice entrepreneur should be wary of is property damage by hooligans. To minimize these risks, devices should be placed in a secured area. If you decide to install an outdoor coffee machine, it can be insured against damage and damage.

The place where the coffee machine is installed may not be crowded enough. If the device has not been profitable for 2-3 months, move it to another location.

It is believed that the coffee machine brings more income if you install a device for selling snacks: chocolate bars, cookies, nuts, sweets. A person will drink coffee and have a snack at the same time.

Offer your customers a wide range of coffee drinks so everyone can find their favorite

Despite the saturation of the market today, many educational institutions or offices do not have coffee machines. If residents of megacities are accustomed to the presence of such devices in crowded places, then residents of the regions have only recently met and fell in love with hardware coffee, so regional vending has good potential for development.

Cost calculation and payback forecast

To understand the cost of placing a device, you need to make calculations. The cost of one new machine, depending on the characteristics, ranges from 70-150, used – from 15 to 100, rent of a coffee machine – 500-1 thousand UAH. per month. The price of renting a square space in the lobby of an office building or a shopping center is from 200 to 2 thousand UAH, the cost of ingredients is 1-3 thousand UAH. If you first repair the device yourself, you can save on the cost of maintenance personnel.

In order for the vending business to bring a stable profit, the following conditions must be met:

  • The cost of 1 coffee drink should not exceed 3-4 hryvnia.
  • The cost of a finished cup of coffee should be at least 10-15 hryvnias, i.е. the trade margin for one portion should be 7 or more hryvnia.
  • On the day you need to sell at least 20-30 servings of the drink, and better – from 50 pcs.

Based on the data provided, the calculation of possible income is carried out. If we take the minimum profitability (20 drinks per day and the price is 10 UAH), the daily revenue should be at least 200 UAH, of which 60 UAH. – only the cost of drinks. Monthly income from one coffee maker should be 30 * 200 = 6 thousand UAH. and more. With small sales, additional costs (rent, raw materials) can be kept low in the range of 3-5 thousand UAH, and in the first months of installation, even small (1-3 thousand UAH. .), but stable profits can be obtained.