150 most promising business ideas in Ukraine (part 1)


The gradual recovery of the Ukrainian economy in 2020, 2021 and 2022 will allow aspiring entrepreneurs to implement many interesting business ideas.

We present the most promising business ideas for starting a business in 2021 and 2022.

Business idea number 1. Custom embroidery.

In order for the business to bear fruit, you should create pages on social networks, show photos of work already completed. Having mastered the art of embroidery with threads, ribbons and beads, you will be able to create not only exquisite expensive clothes, but also embroidered towels, decorative pillows, icons, clutches and even shoes.

Business idea number 2 Greenhouse.

Business without big expenses. If you first need to spend money on buying seeds and bulbs, then over time you can learn how to propagate them, which means making a net profit.

Business idea number 3. Restoration of old photos.

This applies to those who have mastered photo editors. Additionally, you can offer customers handmade albums.

Business idea number 4. Soap making.

Such a natural product is gaining more and more popularity in the market, because in addition to cleansing the skin, it also helps to solve other problems, in particular: moisturizing, reducing irritation, fighting cellulite, and the like. Learning how to make soap is not difficult, and no special certifications are required for this.

Business idea number 5. Production of eco-cosmetics.

Cosmetics made from healthy ingredients are incredibly popular. In order to learn how to create it, you can attend special master classes.

Business idea number 6. Jewelry manufacturing.

Ukrainians love jewelry made from natural stones and beads. Earrings and necklaces in ethnic style are especially popular.

Business idea number 7. Making Christmas toys.

They don’t have to be glass. Fine decorations are made of clay, wood, felt. Recently, Ukrainians are increasingly buying New Year’s socks to decorate the fireplace and Christmas tree.

Business idea number 8. Production of soft toys.

Products can be of different sizes and types. Most likely, manufacturers of actual toys (heroes of popular cartoons, animal symbols of the year), puppet theater characters, and tactile goods will make money on such a business.

Business idea number 9. Growing fish.

The bigger the tank, the bigger the catch. Trout can be grown in the mountainous regions of Ukraine. In the lakes, the breeding of silver carp and silver carp is most common.

Business idea number 10. Breeding ostriches.

There are very few ostrich farms in Ukraine, but the demand is huge, so the profitability even exceeds 100%. In addition to eggs and meat, a farmer can earn on excursions to his farm.