Production of knitted gloves


The idea of ​​opening the production of cotton gloves can be considered very promising. The profitability of production is 20-30%.

The money spent on the purchase of equipment will pay off in an average of two years. The advantage of this type of production is that most of the work is done on automated machines, so you can do without a lot of workers.

Production facilities

To accommodate a store, a room with an area of ​​​​about 80-100 square meters is required. m. The store must be heated and supplied with electricity 380 watts. When planning production, we will proceed from the operating conditions of 10-15 machines.

The cost of monthly rent will be approximately from 20 to 30 thousand UAH and will depend on the location, the need for repairs, the availability of access roads, etc. By renting a room outside the city, you can save.

Manufacturing technology of cotton gloves

The production technology is simple and consists of several stages in the following sequence:

  • knitting gloves;
  • trimming the edges of the product;
  • coating of polyvinyl chloride on the palmar part;
  • gloves packaging.

Equipment and raw materials

  • special knitting machines (10-15 pieces) – UAH 115,000;
  • overlock – 33000 UAH;
  • PVC coating machine – UAH 230,000;
  • packaging machine – UAH 19,000;
  • stock of raw materials for two months – UAH 375,000.

Now there are enough offers of such equipment on the market and there should not be any problems with its purchase.

Range and market

Cotton gloves with and without PVC coating are required:

  • at construction sites;
  • in various workshops;
  • in housing and communal services;
  • during earthworks;
  • when working with a puncher, drill and other tools;
  • for loading and unloading operations.
  • This list is far from complete, we can safely say that at least one pair of such gloves is in every home. In any case, not a single motorist can do without cotton gloves.

Since protective gloves are used in various areas of life, it is advisable to manufacture products of different densities, with and without PVC coating, different sizes and, possibly, colors.

Knitted gloves do not stick to the skin, and the PVC coating protects the hands well from damage. It is very convenient to work with parts in oil in protective gloves with a coating. Uncoated gloves provide good breathability and are commonly purchased by gardeners.

As you can see, cotton protective gloves are essential for companies and individuals, which means they will have to be sold with and without VAT.

Sales of finished products can be established:

  • retail trade in construction, household and garden stores, hypermarkets;
  • small and large wholesale companies;
  • industrial enterprises under a supply contract;
  • municipalities, housing and communal services.

Financial investments and payback

The average cost of one pair of cotton gloves is 6 UAH. This figure is made up of the cost of raw materials and electricity bills. The price for wholesale is within 11-14 UAH. In retail – 16-18 UAH. for a couple.

The most acceptable organizational form of such an enterprise with a small volume of production is individual entrepreneurship. If you plan to work with industrial enterprises or large wholesalers, you need a general taxation system that can work with VAT.

To launch the company, financial investments in the amount of about UAH 2,200,000 will be required. Monthly income will be approximately UAH 370,000. Net profit UAH 84,000 Investments will pay off in 2-2.5 years.