How to see a rabbit farm. Rolling up a dacha business plan for breeding rabbits


Breeding rabbits is a great idea for an active business. Rabbits have good fecundity and a fast sparkling rate. One rabbit has grown to more than 25 babies. The first indicator is to talk about those who can use the same amount of skins for sale and 60 kilograms of organic meat. Dentists have repeatedly talked about the banal power of rabbit meat.

Business features

The government’s rabbit breeding plan can take into account positive and negative aspects, as well as the potential development of a rabbit farm.

To the positive points, you can add:

  • quick payback vitrata;
  • breeding rabbits with a good mind;
  • a lot of ideas;
  • small start-up capital for the development of a farming state;
  • minimal competition;
  • low tax rate.

I will consider all the positive aspects, you can enter, so rabbit breeding as a business will be a good starting Maidan for the improvement of your home capital.

Breeding rabbits is like a business, obviously, why are they?

In order to occupy the market, it is necessary to fight against all the shortcomings and overwhelming cases in order to properly project the maximum income in the business plan. Only in all sorts of vipadkas can the opposite be developed according to the successful development. The rabbit rearing robot does not tolerate spontaneous decisions. The business man is to blame for evaluating his strengths and abilities, but we are preparing for ruthless moments at the hands of the government.

With enough business out of sight, it is not easy to immediately invest majestic value in a new venture by investing yourself in the cost of living.

Having correctly folded a business plan, you will be able to correctly develop all the first vitrates. Similarly, the leather industry may seek government assistance as it sees the development of government subsidies and Silsky grants. Dodatkovi koshty nikoli will not be busy with success. In addition, if the initiation soon brings income, the master will appreciate the change in the vision of the city authorities.

Folding business plan

Vitrati for doing business:

  • designing a clitin for food – 18,000 UAH;
  • young cattle (insurance for the number of 100 heads) – 18,000 UAH. The price will vary depending on the region of residence and breed of animals;
  • purchase of food – up to 46,000 UAH;
  • auxiliary servants (burning, water supply, examination by a veterinarian) – 6500 UAH. / R.

Expected payback:

  • the sale of meat from previously purchased by private individuals will bring about 2,200 kilograms of natural vaga;
  • Implementation of skins to make dodatkovu for yourself. The price of the skin will depend on the size and size;
  • The rent of the cholovic individuals for this reproduction is estimated at approximately 8,000 UAH.

Reopening Options

The offensive stage for the ear of your business is the vibration of the legal form of the state. Regarding your type of activity, you can make two options: as IP or SFG. Restoration in the form of SFG is a special vigod. This is explained by the fact that they immediately introduced pilgrims with the payment of taxes as state gifts to farmers.

The system has its downside. When you retire, you can only get help with minimal help. Pratsuyuchi as a sole trader, a business person can retire to collect tribute immediately. Before you reconfigure your farm, it’s important to consider which option suits you best.

IP is a great force for the sale of energy products. This makes it possible to sell meat not only in the market, but also in large stores and shopping centers. The ESHN endowment form additionally helps to reduce the amount of tribute, salary for salary transfer. The amount of tribute will be 6% of net profit.

SFG (Peasant Farming)

SFG can be from the top, scho and ІП, albeit with one vidmit acquaintance. You can also arrange a singing discharge of carcasses, like Volodya Pidpryanitsky’s mine, and you will get an excellent job.

SFG does not need any documents: bylaws, names and special agreements. Skin lyudina is good enough to prescribe SFG on himself and become a director, in a word, let’s recall an individual teacher. The main advantage of SFG is the possibility of waiving government subsidies and pilgrimage fees.

A tax form for a rabbit

The subsidy system applies to all types of state execution, so for the most powerful business, choose the most suitable option. One of the visual and manual forms of apology mode is forgiveness. Tribute on the entire range is paid in the form of growth and income. The amount of the allowance increases from 6 to 15% or no more than 25% of the amount.

Code of type of economic activity

ІП it is necessary to respect the type of execution of the KVED. For the rabbit breeding business code A.01.25.2, feed transfer is in the minds of the farm government. And on the other hand, there is point ¾ of fencing: to fence off the sale of skins and skins of animals as a result of illegal coercion.

Material and technical base

Animal breeding will be convenient and will proceed in the same way as the entire material and technical base, but the main part is mechanized. Ideal for a rabbit breeding business, the system is perfect. The design of Cia is a creature made of wood or metal attached to rabbit clay in the middle.

feed shop

For the sake of the name, it can respect the primacy of collecting large quantities of stocks of concentrated feed. Compound feed and grain amounts are subject to harvesting for a period of 3 months. As for the enterprise, it is possible to have a compact granary with a capacity of 500 kg / year in a mini-workshop. It is also possible to equip premises for the preparation of animal feed.

In the feed shop, you can see the inventory selection environment, pre-existing years, budget materials.

Stopped feeding

Many solid food companies can offer ready-made feeds for all types of food at wholesale and distribution prices. When buying a large batch of compound feed, you must obtain a seller’s certificate for the product being sold.

The quality of documentary certification confirms the quality and safety of the presented products. Yakіsni compound feed to take revenge on living speeches, vitamins, trace elements and all the values ​​\u200b\u200bof the strength that are needed to herd your food.

How to save on feed

The main item of vitrate in the rabbit business is the purchase of feed. Compound feed “Kupuvati” for rabbits is even more expensive, the care of crops does not depend on ability, an increase in the feeding rate will lead to an overload of rotten carts and a decrease in animal productivity. However, the right decision for rapidly changing power vitrates is to feed yourself.

A grain bar and a feed granulator are necessary for the needs of the cich. For crushed and crushed feed, food is prepared in a few days. Grain is also delivered to the warehouse. In general and in the economy, grain is also available at a fraction of the cost of feed.

With a small number of heads (up to 40 pcs.), Root crops, sapwood and silage can be prepared for the winter. For a population of 1,000 or more, this is the marne procedure. We look forward to many hours and more information from the staff. Yak blanks can be stored in shino. You need to stock up for a long time, and in the winter hour, the product for food will be replenished with vitamins.

Mechanizing the production process on a farm can save you a lot of money per hour. Automatic water supply and manual labor replacement. A mini-tractor can not only transport food to the cells, but also transport equipment.