How to open the production of antiseptic dispensers from scratch


The coronavirus pandemic and related restrictive measures dictate new rules. Sanitizer dispensers will be as common as water coolers in offices. We will tell you how to create a project in a new reality.

The relevance of the business idea

Demand for hand sanitizer gels is breaking all records. SANITARY PRODUCTS and antiseptics disappeared from the shelves after a few days. In most European countries, offices, banks and grocery stores are already required to install antiseptic dispensers at the entrance. There is no such mass practice in our country yet, but business shows responsibility and establishes them on its own initiative.

Costs and profits

A mini-enterprise does not require large start-up costs, the processes are very simple, and the production itself is safe. If you can save at the start, you will fit 200,000 UAH. But keep in mind that the ongoing costs in this business are high: it is important that you enter into sales contracts from the first days of operation.

A small project for the production of full-cycle dispensers and antiseptics can pay off in two months if the average monthly income after deducting costs and taxes is 50,000 UAH.

Starting costs: approximate calculation for Kyiv

  • Business registration – 10’000
  • Production line – 100’000
  • Supply and installation of equipment – 10’000
  • The first batch of raw materials – 50’000
  • Unplanned expenses – 30,000
  • Total 200’000

monthly expenses

  • Shop and office rent – 30 000 UAH.
  • Staff salary – UAH 130,000.
  • raw materials – 20000 UAH.
  • Current office expenses – 4000 UAH.
  • Unplanned expenses – UAH 10,000.

For a total amount of 194 000 UAH.

Permits and documents

The choice between an individual entrepreneur and a limited liability company depends on the capabilities of the owner. If you work alone, this is your first business and you do not plan to scale it the first time, then register as an individual entrepreneur. If you are running it with several co-owners who collect their funds, then organize a legal entity.

Manufacturing business registration

To register an individual entrepreneur, only a copy of the passport and an application of the appropriate form are required. And, of course, the paid state duty.

Room selection

As a production hall, look for a separate building in the industrial zone: a former factory will do.


The manufacturing technology of antiseptic is simple. The components are mixed in a given proportion and poured into dispensers. Serving liquids in glass or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.

It is not necessary to engage in the manufacture of dispensers, they can be ordered. Target a contractor for refillable fuel dispensers, in which case your customers will only contact you to fill up. Supply equipment for about 100’000 UAH.

How to choose ingredients and supplier

The choice of components for the composition – ethanol, isopropanol, acids, alkalis, iodine, aldehyde – depends on the recipe. For example, polyacrylic acid is used as a thickener, tea tree oil is a popular fragrance, and glycerin hydrates the skin and prevents dryness.

The cost is calculated based on the volume of raw materials, equipment efficiency and production waste. Without taking into account the cost of ordering dispensers, put 20,000 UAH per month on raw materials.

All chemical ingredients are mainly sold in bulk: this is the only way to get low prices directly from suppliers. And it makes no sense to buy small amounts.

If you have chosen ethanol as the basis for the composition, here are a few options:

  • SETTIKA SEPTANIZER – 100 UAH / pcs. when ordering from 22000 pcs.
  • METALWORKING – 30,000 per ton when ordering from one.
  • KHIMPROM – 30,000 c.u. per ton (from unit)

Ethanol is also sold on Alibaba, you can look for prices below lower bulk volumes.


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