How to Open Dry Cleaning Street Shoes from Scratch


Quality shoes with proper care can last for many years. But few people know how to take care of it. Without proper care, high-quality shoes lose their appearance after the second season. Buying shoes every season is very expensive. Therefore, more and more people are turning to the services of dry-cleaning shoes. In our article, we will consider dry-cleaning shoes with delivery, tell you how to start a business, what investments will be required and what income an entrepreneur can expect.

The relevance of the business idea

Dry-cleaning shoes with delivery is a special service that allows you to save the client’s time and give it due attention.

This direction in the market is quite relevant. The success of a business depends not only on the quality of the services provided, but also on the service. It is important to find an individual approach to each client.

The service is based on individual communication with each client. The dry cleaning representative picks up shoes from home or any other place convenient for the client, takes them to the workshop and returns the updated shoes to the client in a timely manner.

Costs and profits

It will take about 400 thousand hryvnias to open a business. It is necessary to allocate a significant part of the costs for business advertising, especially at first. When the base of regular customers is formed, the sundress radio will work. Satisfied customers will surely tell and recommend your shoe dry cleaner to their friends. With quality services, the business will pay off in 1 year.

Permits and documents

To legally operate a shoe-cleaning business, the business must be registered. At first, it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur. When expanding the company or forming a network of dry cleaners, it will be necessary to open a limited liability company.

It is required by law to establish an employment relationship with each employee.

This business does not differ in features and does not require special permits and licenses.

Room selection

The premises must comply with the requirements of labor protection and fire safety. Dry-cleaning shoes with delivery is not designed for an open point for buyers.

Therefore, the premises must be within reach for quick and convenient transportation of shoes from the buyer to the dry cleaner and back. Be sure to consider this point when choosing a room. The speed of collection and delivery affects the number of orders and their fulfillment.

How to choose a supplier

Shoe cleaning requires professional equipment. The professional Magic Vapor RA shoe polish steam generator will do its job perfectly. Italian production guarantees gentle and thorough cleaning of shoes and long operation of the device. The compressor should have different nozzles that regulate pressure well. There are many different compressors on the market. Choose according to your preferences, but pay attention to the reviews and the warranty provided.

Choose professional paints, impregnations, stretchers. The final result and its durability depend on the quality of the product. Look for French brand Saphir, Spanish brand Tarrago and Italian GIRBA.