How to open telemedicine from scratch



The relevance of the business idea

The statistics of the commercial medicine market in Ukraine are disappointing: half of the respondents are trying to save money on medical services, and a third of the respondents are dissatisfied with their quality. The answer to the question about the relevance of telemedicine is hidden behind dry statistics. Visiting a doctor online is on average 20% cheaper than a personal visit, and thanks to the Internet, you can quickly and without waiting in line to get help from any specialist.

Costs and profits

To launch an online medical consultation service, 150,000 hryvnias will be required. Keeping the project afloat, attracting the attention of doctors and patients, will be much more difficult. UAH 20,000 of net profit will help recoup investments in 9 months.

Permits and documents

Business registration

For the official operation of the online medical consultation service and making an appointment, it is enough to register an individual entrepreneur, but only doctors with special permission can engage in distance treatment. Medical institutions also need to register with the Federal Register of Medical Organizations.

Room selection

The choice of office for doing business does not matter. Doctors and patients can be in different cities: consultations are held remotely, appointments are made in a couple of clicks. The only thing you need as a business owner is to coordinate employees and customers, and if necessary, attract new employees, maintain service and resolve organizational issues. You can also do all this remotely.


For an online consultation, you will need a special application. The cost of development varies depending on the terms of reference, the final goals of the customer and the conditions of the contractor. As practice shows, it is possible to develop a turnkey application for 100,000 UAH.

How to advertise a business

Select a separate section with reviews for each specialist and monitor their honesty. Real customer feedback can play better than any advertising, and individual feedback can once and for all distract visitors from your platform.

Also a great solution would be a special solution for newly registered clients, for example, consultation at half price or completely free. Collaboration with other companies will also help promote your service, for example, users can pay “Thank you” bonuses from Sberbank.