How to open a flower shop: basic nuances


Vigilant consumers have long noticed a fairly large number of flower stalls, pavilions, shops: they generate income, and this market niche is certainly of interest. Many people want to open a flower shop. And this is understandable, because it is always pleasant to give people joy, positive emotions and good mood. Doubly such a thing will bring joy if the business brings a stable and constant income to the entrepreneur.

In order for the flower business to flourish, it is necessary to properly organize it, taking into account all the weaknesses of the products and the peculiarities of the market. In this article, we will tell you how to open a flower shop. Even if all aspects and nuances are not taken into account, we will help to pay attention to the main points.

For many entrepreneurs, the flower business has become not only a source of income, but also a way of life. Constant communication with the beautiful makes people kinder. Over time, this type of activity gives the feeling that it is you who give people beauty, and hence joy.

Your own flower selling business is quite ambiguous, has its own risks and at the same time can bring good profits. Such a store can only be closed due to force majeure, which is extremely rare.

How to start a flower business

How to open a flower shop without paperwork? Of course, this is impossible. It will work only after registration of entrepreneurial activity in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. At first, it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur under the simplified taxation system.

We will not go into details, since each tax office is obliged to advise you on all matters related to doing business.

Initial investment

Now that the paperwork is complete, it remains to decide how much it will cost to open the store. To trade flowers, you do not need to buy a lot of complex expensive equipment, so investments are kept to a minimum.

However, to organize a flower business, you will need a number of materials, basic tools. It is generally impossible to enter this business without investments. The fact is that the starting capital for opening a salon and a small pavilion in the mall differs several times.

The leased area, the price category of goods, equipment, the number of employees and much more matter.

Flower shop equipment

How to open a flower shop without creating a certain temperature for them? This is not possible, so you have to spend money. You can create a microclimate for flower products with the help of refrigerators, which you can equip yourself. You can order a ready-made unit, but it does not always correspond to the dimensions and shape of the room. Therefore, specialists usually enclose part of the premises with metal-plastic structures, install a split system there and thereby create a microclimate that is easy to control.

If the gazebo has a small area, it is enough just to install an air conditioner that supports the function of working in winter.

In addition, you will definitely need flower pots and sturdy shelving to place them.

To decorate the bouquets, you will need a set of packaging materials.

It is impossible to open a flower shop from scratch, because even transparent cellophane will have to be bought to pack bouquets. For more sophisticated bouquets, you will need: felt, mesh, sisal, ribbon and more. In addition, the florist should have wire, adhesive tape, a glue gun, scissors, pruners.

Flower shop space

There are several options for the location of the outlet:

  1. Tonar – a very convenient mobile room, trailer;
  2. Pavilion – can be built independently in the shortest possible time from inexpensive modular structures;
  3. Mansion – is very rare, as there is a large shortage in the commercial real estate market;
  4. Ground floor of a residential building – the entrance must be from a busy street;
  5. On the territory of the shopping center.
  6. It is most profitable to rent space in the mall, everything else will cost more.

Online sales in the flower business is an addition to the main business as an extension of customer service. It will not be able to work on its own due to the specifics of the product.

It is very important to correctly locate the point of sale. Potential buyers should constantly walk past it, while avoiding intense competition with other flower shops. Flowers are best sold near busy streets, intersections, entertainment clubs, restaurants, concert halls, universities, etc.

It is good when the chosen place is convenient for both drivers and pedestrians. It’s great if people gather there during the day, after work. Competent monitoring will help: it’s good to choose the best place by changing a few. The main thing is to carefully analyze the results of trading on all possible platforms.

It will be most economically feasible to rent space for a flower shop in the mall
It will be most economically profitable to rent a place for a flower shop in the mall.

Flower shop assortment

In smaller lots, only cut flowers are usually sold. You can expand the range of potted plants only if there is enough space on the shelves for a full display of cut flowers.

  • Small bouquets can be sold from toner, but it is precisely those flowers that are in the greatest demand: carnations, chrysanthemums, roses.
  • Pavilion with an area of ​​about 10 sq.m. will sell the same narrow set of goods.
  • In a more spacious room, with an area of ​​​​about 18 square meters, it is already possible to place: orchids, irises and add several varieties of roses.
  • When expanding the territory up to 30 sq.m. It is worth offering houseplants to buyers. In addition, pots, soil mixes and other related products are sold here. Here you can organize gift wrapping for the holiday, give cards, dried flowers, beads, ribbons, small gift figurines, etc.

How to organize the purchase of flowers

Working with one supplier is always risky. It may happen that one day the outlet will be left without fresh flowers for the holidays, so it is ideal to have at least three wholesalers. Since cut flowers are usually supplied to our market from the Netherlands, Russia and Ecuador, it is necessary to sign contracts with representatives of each company representing the country. Another item is imported from Colombia, but it should only be bought on holidays, when the likelihood of its sale increases completely and in a short time.

The main purchase for such an occasion as the opening of a flower shop should be planned from several suppliers at once. It is important to calculate the required quantity so that there is no need to purchase additional goods. This is extremely unprofitable, because the goods are shipped in a small batch, which are not subject to discounts.

Before national holidays on March 8 and February 14, it is necessary to place an order in tenfold and double sizes, respectively, depending on the quantity in the average bill per week. This is done at least a month before the holidays, in addition, suppliers these days do not deferred payment – they release goods only with 100% prepayment.


In the flower business, the trade margin is typically 200%, with fresh cuts being more expensive, and flowers that have been stored for a long time depreciate over time. In this business, this process is inevitable. The main thing is to sell the product before it loses its appearance.

The price is formed depending on the wholesale cost, which is dictated by suppliers upon purchase. This is done to reduce risks, as the product spoils quickly. In general, the pricing policy should be stable. Price fluctuations before the holidays annoy the buyer, and he may not return to this salon, so it’s better not to abuse it at pre-holiday sales, but to lay in the price of possible losses in advance. You need to know in advance when the periods of the most active sales will begin: during these moments, make more ready-made bouquets.

Flower sales peak on March 8, September 1, May holidays, etc.

The main thing in the flower business is to sell the product until it has lost its marketability
The main thing in the flower business is to sell the product until it loses its presentation.

flower shop advertisement

The best option for advertising is a special sign that attracts the attention of potential customers right when they approach the outlet.

You can advertise by placing ads in the local press on the eve of those days when there is an increased demand for flower products. It is also desirable to be “present” in the largest social networks.

A good advertising and marketing move would be cooperation with beauty salons, bridal salons, etc.