How to open a company to write off debts from individuals from scratch


The scope of legal services is diverse and heterogeneous. If you have connections in this area, then opening a debt relief office is a promising idea for any city in Ukraine.

The relevance of the business idea

Ukrainians are offered many different consumer loans, and the rates on them are not always the most profitable. Psychologically, it is very easy to fall into the “credit yoke”: after all, quick money is available that can be paid back later. This is especially facilitated by the emergence of microfinance organizations with truly draconian interest rates, but indisputable advantages: no need for a credit history and guarantors, quick consideration of the application, the ability to receive small amounts in a short time.

Against the backdrop of not the highest salaries, dishonesty of banks and employers, some citizens find themselves in a difficult financial situation. The decision to part with debt or at least partially write off debt helps companies write off debt from individuals.

To conduct such activities, you must have a license as an arbitration manager or established personal contacts with one or more. It is also desirable to have a law degree or education in a related field in order to understand the intricacies of business.

Costs and profits

Investments in the project will amount to about UAH 1 million, including working capital before profit. The payback period with an average monthly income of 100’000 UAH is 11 months.

Room selection

You need to rent an office to receive citizens and provide consultations. It is better if it is located near the center in a busy area. An office in a business center or a commercial space on the ground floor of a residential building is suitable.

Indoors, standard requirements: enough space for comfortable accommodation of employees (18-20 sq.m), minimal furniture, ventilation and fire alarms. If an office is rented in a business center or shopping center, then communications are not required, they are included in the rent.



You will definitely need an arbitration or financial manager officially registered in the database of arbitration managers. As the number of new clients increases, new executives can be hired if one of them can’t keep up.

Managers don’t have to be in the office all the time. They can be consulted or prepared all documents when the court decides on bankruptcy, debt restructuring or other options. The lawyers of your firm deal with the analysis of the situation, reception and consultation. They make statements to the court, check and collect documents, communicate with creditors, and so on.

Approximate staff and their salaries (dispersion according to data for Kyiv):

Lawyer – UAH 25,000-40,000.

Accountant – UAH 20,000-30,000.

For a staff of three lawyers and an accountant, the payroll will be 130,000 rubles.

The remuneration of the financial manager is determined and amounts to UAH 25,000 for one procedure, to which a percentage of the contract is also added. Additional manager services are paid separately on a contractual basis.

Advertising, marketing, business management and other operational tasks are undertaken by the business owner and his partner. An accountant can be hired remotely or full-time – see the scope of work here.

How to advertise a business

The best option for advertising a debt relief agency is to create and promote your own website. Fill it out with a detailed price list, make a convenient menu and navigation, order bankruptcy articles from a professional legal copywriter.

To create a website, hire a team remotely or contact a full-service website agency. You can promote it yourself: there are tons of opportunities for small businesses today. Especially effective advertising programs: targeting in Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords and social networks. Your segment is b2c, so we recommend paying attention to social networks. To do this, you can hire a separate specialist.

If your office is located in a central or just a busy area, place an advertising banner next to it. Pay attention to conspicuous and informative signs, business cards and other trifles. It is very important to build trust in your company, so take into account honest customer reviews, work on the company’s reputation and form a desire to recommend you to others.