How to make $2,000 on Instagram from next month


Do you visit Instagram often? Weekly, daily or maybe hourly? Or are you not there at all?

You will never go there again…

It just doesn’t make sense. Why would you want to log into Instagram as a regular user if this social network can be turned into a powerful source of income.

How powerful is it? Everything depends on you. Today we will look at examples where people receive up to $20,000 per month.

And first, let’s figure out what Instagram is in general and how exactly it can be useful to you. We have updated the information and added new ways to make money on social networks that you can use right now.

How many people are waiting for your offers on Instagram

Let’s look at the numbers:

  • On October 6, 2010, the app was launched for the iOS mobile operating system only.
  • In the first month, according to AppStore statistics, it was downloaded more than 1 million times.
  • To date, there are more than 200 million active users registered on the network, not counting copies of profiles, bots, and so on.
  • A survey of Internet users around the world shows that 23% of young people believe
  • Instagram will become their favorite social network.
  • Only 5% of profiles on the site have more than 50 images. This indicates low competition with the wildly popular application.

Based on these 5 facts alone, we can conclude that Instagram is one of the most popular and promising social networks at the moment.

If you start using it correctly (!) today for your own purposes, you will practically not feel competition in any niche. The reason is that not all people realize the huge potential of the network and understand how to monetize their profiles (personal or corporate, it doesn’t matter).

1. Start blogging.

There is an opinion that only stars of show business, sports, business and other fields can become a popular user and make money on their Instagram profile. What if… not?

Diana Gloucester is an ordinary Russian-speaking girl living in London. She maintains her own video blog on YouTube. In addition, he enjoys singing and acting.

Today, 158 thousand people subscribed to the girl’s profile on Instagram. Diana managed to achieve such popularity not only thanks to the video blog. The girl knows how to correctly search for the target audience in the social network, creates high-quality content.

On average, 2-3 posts are published per day, each of which gains from 7,000 likes. Subscribers regularly follow the account and actively comment on new publications.

Instagram resident of foggy Albion is of great interest to advertisers. Many are willing to give decent money to have their products displayed in her profile. And regular sponsors sometimes share quite expensive goods for free. Cause? They appear on the new photos of the girl.

Instagram for Diana is not just a microblog. This is a complete source of income.

2. Sell services

Anastasia Postrigai is an art critic, founder of the Op-Pop-Art school of popular art. The girl combines a personal profile with a business account on Instagram. With the help of a social network, online and video courses are sold. At the same time, sponsored posts take up a tiny fraction of all content.

The number of subscribers today is 476 thousand. Looking at Anastasia’s profile, you will see an interesting graphic microblog on popular art. No direct offers to buy, a minimum of advertising posts and a complete lack of imposition.


Instagram brings Anastasia’s company over $20,000 a month. Impressive, right?

It is noteworthy that absolutely any services are successfully sold on Instagram. Education is no exception.

For example:

  • Maria Karavaeva. Studio of automotive protective lamination SouthArt.
  • Anastasia Golden. Hair stylist.

How to effectively sell services on Instagram:

  • Actively engage with your audience. Interactive accounts attract much more attention. Post reviews of your customers, respond to comments on publications, ask questions to subscribers. All these actions will significantly increase the loyalty of the population to your brand.
  • Paid advertising on Instagram. Choose the best thematic post from your profile and order advertising in the service itself. Your target users will see the post in their feed and follow your account if they are interested.
  • Paid posts on popular profiles. Find accounts that are similar to yours and arrange to post your message on that profile. If your target audience really intersects, some subscribers are guaranteed to be interested in your offer.

Some thematic bloggers will eventually retrain as experts and become opinion leaders. NAMI is a music blogger. Alina is engaged in singing, recording covers of popular songs, gaining hundreds of thousands of views.

Recently, the girl launched a new project – EasyMusic. This is a closed community in the same Instagram, where Alina shares vocal techniques, teaches the audience to sing:

Also in the account there are paid courses:

The most interesting thing is that even at the start, Alina has no problems with traffic, thanks to her main account. She attracts an already warm audience that trusts her and is ready to give money for quality services.

3. Sell physical products.

It is clear that physical goods on Instagram do NOT sell worse than services. This is logical. But what exactly can be sold?

  • Furniture? Yes!
  • Clothing? Yes!
  • Watches and accessories? Yes, too!

But Maxim Dovgan and KievCaviar went much further. Through their Instagram business account, they are actively selling… ICORUS!

The profile is actively filled with unusual product photos. Every day, images like this seduce more than 23,000 targeted subscribers. How many customers do you think the company receives from this resource? Of course!

Otherwise it can not be. In fact, this is an ideal source of traffic that independently builds a chain of customers with minimal cost, effort and time.

60%+ of Instagram audience are girls and women under 35. Any women’s physical products MUST be sold here. Alina Bebeshko understands the trend perfectly. The girl maintains a business profile in a minimalistic style and gets a lot of clients from this social network.

The reason is that the entrepreneur has secret tips for promoting on Instagram.

How to quickly get followers for your corporate Instagram account:

  • Mass following. There are many services that allow you to automatically subscribe to multiple accounts. In a few hours, you can get about 10,000 subscriptions. The bet is that some of these profiles will mutually subscribe to your account.
  • Manual subscription. The principle is the same, only in this case you yourself choose and sort the profiles to which you subscribe. This makes it possible to increase efficiency. You can see for yourself who you are following and guess if the person will be interested in your profile.
  • Attracting famous people. If you post a photo of a supposedly popular contemporary singer with your products in hand, your audience’s trust in your brand will automatically increase. And in the best case, subscribers will be interested in this particular product. By the way, such posts can be used for paid advertising in the service itself.
  • Contests. Perhaps the most effective method of attracting the target audience. You can use an item from your catalog as a prize. By the way, the contests themselves also need to be properly promoted and promoted.


Instagram is one of the most underrated ways to market your business online. The Russian-speaking market is only “probing” this social network, so competition in almost any niche is minimal. By promoting your business by selling physical/informational products or services, you can get a steady stream of customers from Instagram.

Plus, you don’t need to have a business to turn your profile into a reliable source of income. The very fact of being on this social network can bring thousands of dollars a month with the right approach. Of course, this requires certain knowledge.