Computer service and repair


An important point in the development in the field of maintenance and repair of computers is a very high level of competition. For a long time, a smart, average coristuvach is an absolute amateur, and not the intellect of the principles of robotic computers, many programs and computers have taken on a lot, robots just love to be in their homes. To visit the client’s booth. However, the updated change of service is far from a leather company, the same level of professionalism was provided to a small person.

Ale and rozrakhovuvati on illiteracy of competitors from the outside has not changed, the market is vivchita, assessments, such services are being promoted at such prices. Often you can drink money to those who charge big pennies for work, if, of course, you want wine, but here. In order to be able to operate as efficiently as possible and make the most of your customer base, it is better to repair it right away so that you can offer an absolutely full range of services and allow you to play with a large number of competitors.


To conduct activities, it is necessary to register as a subject of an individual entrepreneur, and not as an individual entrepreneur. No Yahosh licenses, certificates or permits, etc. are required. A small cob is more likely to be relegated to the small business area as soon as I take its development, if it is for a long time. Folding at the stage of restoration is not to blame, but she has more beautiful 20 thousand hryvnia.

All robots can be shown and one universal guide can be used to lay cable to the Internet before updating long distance files from the Internet. However, a multi-person robot can help identify different terms as a substitute so that it can be positively identified by reputation. Since a lot of memory is required, the visitor is not only responsible for the special programs, but also for the excellent package of all drivers, the software is more secure (Moreover, the Internet is not accessible to everyone, so you should download it).

Advertising for business

An important aspect of all business is advertising. An advertising campaign can be carried out either through ZMI (local radio and stand), or simply by distributing leaflets on the streets. Worse, it will not be possible to open your own site for people to feed on information on the Internet, and in all cases there will be potential customers placed in messages. You can save a site, you can create a site-visit, and it will cost 10-20 thousand UAH. But you can give a start to the spіrobіtnikam zrobit hoo, the stench of the mother’s guilt is enough for all knowledge. Such good advertising will need to be introduced constantly so that new trends constantly appear on the market.

It is also important that the number of replacements is possible, as well as the quality of computer and peripheral equipment stores that have turned into a service center will improve. Great stores are unlikely to wait as partners, for this they have their own repairs, but the axis is small, as they have recently appeared, there is no such effort. Only if you get acquainted with the technology under warranty, then on the great sumi it is not a varto rorahouvati, but the store itself can send its customers to its partner or simply advertise it. Such an opportunity is required to take a serious look and evaluate all the minds, as the store can be offered.

Naigolnishe – whoever goes to the end of the day will drink at his service, and you need to stimulate not only simple advertising, but also offers that are not common among competitors. For example, you can use not only computers and laptops, but also carry out diagnostics and maintenance of mobile devices and tablets. Those who are guilty of guilt will be able to regain additional knowledge, or they can vitrati in their present day to quickly finish the payback.

The starting capital must be:

  • Restoration – 20 thousand UAH.
  • Office rent – 20 thousand UAH.
  • Installation and programs for robots – from 120 thousand UAH.
  • Advertising campaign and website launch – 50 thousand UAH.
  • Outsourcing of accounting and public services – 10 thousand UAH.
  • Salary (for 10 thousand rubles to a teacher who will pay for another fee) – 30 thousand hryvnia.

All at once: 230 thousand hryvnia, thousands of payments – 60 thousand hryvnia. The most common replacements will be information about installing or changing the operating system and about all the possibilities of a simple operation in general. In the meantime, get drunk on such a service so that the offal goes down, the population will step by step work with the robot on their own, wanting to consume in addition to food with such a diet away. As a rule, polarity reversal happens not only for updating the PSU from the OS, but also for the need to install additional software. The average statistician doesn’t need to install drivers, but all software is secure in a clean system, which also requires Internet setup, but for some people, desktop shortcuts need to be created. As long as the client has an operating system disk, then only if it is installed it will cost UAH 500 (in the case of the current version and the OS itself). All additional software will be charged for an additional fee, so you will need UAH 1-1.5 thousand from such clients.

Repairs, as they say, are often unsatisfactory, so the repair will be done mainly under warranty (as it is back in the store), we will take care of replacing the unoccupied hall with a fake sale (a serious wake-up call), but I do not get there. netbooks. She herself began to complete the demanded service, buying a new laptop through a defective RAM or old video cards is expensive, but it’s easier to buy a new one. Do-it-yourself assembly and installation add up an order of magnitude more, less in a laptop computer. Here the attendants are repaired for a thousand hryvnias and can reach up to 6-8. In offers of this kind, most periodically offer promotions and information on how to get customers.