Kono pizza business


The new and, last but not least, the promising Kono Pizza production and sale business is a very popular fast food and pays off with minimal investment for stable profits.

Kono-pizza is a new original product on the fast food market, which came to Ukraine from Italy. The production is based on the technology of making a standard round pizza from dough with various toppings.

But the regular round pizza is meant for eating at the table or takeaway, while the original pizza in the cone is suitable for eating on the go or for delivery to the customer.

The dishes consist entirely of a cup of crispy dough in the shape of a cone, inside with a filling, exactly the same as for a regular pizza, that is, with chicken, sausage, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, corn, onions, bell peppers. pepper and cheese.

In addition, salads can be added to this cup, as well as sweet fillings in the form of berries, fruits with syrups or whipped cream.

We also offer you a detailed business plan on how to open a pizzeria, what you need and how much this business costs, as well as a detailed beginner’s guide on how to open a pizzeria.

Places with high traffic are suitable for placing a commercial van:

  • shopping centers;
  • stations, metro and stops;
  • stadiums and parks;
  • near hostels, hospitals and hotels.

The food production process consists of several stages:

  • Purchase of frozen ready-made dough and stuffing products.
  • Manual dosing of dough in small portions.
  • Production of cone-shaped cups on a press and their partial baking.
  • Cut the cups in half, smearing them with sauce.
  • Filling the cones with stuffing, bringing them to a state of readiness in the microwave or convection oven.
  • Decomposition of the product in the thermal window.
  • Packing in paper balls and selling to customers.

Capital investments

  • Purchase of equipment – + – UAH 110,000.
  • Delivery of the oven for Kono-pizza and apparatus – 5000 UAH.
  • Purchase of various ingredients – 8000 UAH.
  • Buy consumables – 2300 UAH.
  • Registration in the IP, approval, monthly rent, other expenses – UAH 15,000.
  • In total, you need to invest about UAH 170,000 in a pizzeria.
  • Calculation of revenue and profitability
  • Daily sales volume, pcs. 100
  • Number of changes per month, days 30
  • Monthly sales volume, pcs. 3 thousand pieces
  • Revenue per month 120 thousand UAH.
  • Profitability, in UAH 40 thousand UAH.
  • Payback, month 4