Business idea: sale of cotton candy


Cotton candy has been one of the favorite treats of children and adults since Soviet times. Not a single child can do without these sweets, going to a circus or a zoo, an airy delicacy beckons with its appearance.

The popularity of cotton candy allows it to be sold in resort areas, parks, attractions and other places of entertainment where a large number of people gather. This demand makes the deli business very interesting for many entrepreneurs. In today’s article, we will give an example of a business plan for the production and sale of cotton candy.


To start trading, a businessman needs to legalize his business. To do this, it is necessary to submit a package of documents to the tax office for opening a private enterprise (FOP). The form of sole proprietorship in such a small business is the most profitable, so reporting will be easier and taxes lower. The NACE code for doing business is 47.99. Other retail sales outside stores. The state duty for registering a private enterprise is 700 UAH, but for notarization of documents you will still have to fork out – about + – 500 UAH. The entrepreneur will receive the finished documents and registration certificate within 2-3 weeks. .


In order to make cotton candy, you will need a cotton candy making machine, as well as a protective dome that protects the treat from dust and prevents it from “slipping”. To allow the device to be transported from one place to another with the right cart under the device, this will make the point of sale mobile.

You will need a special device to make cotton candy.

Cotton candy is made from refined granulated sugar; both cane and beet sugar can be used. One serving only requires 2-3 tablespoons of sugar (about 20-25 grams). The raw material is poured into a recess in the middle of the drum, the device starts and begins to melt the sugar, forming a thin sheet that gathers on the sides. During spraying, it should be collected on a plastic or wooden stick.

It is also possible to stock the product, which means that the cotton candy can be sold through retail stores. To make sweets look attractive, you can use natural dyes and flavors that are allowed by Ukrainian standards. The total cost of the equipment is less than 15 thousand hryvnias.


It is not necessary to purchase or rent cotton candy for sale, as the point can be opened in the open air. But for legal trade, it is necessary to have all the necessary permits and product quality certificates. The sanitary service ordered to equip a trading tent for the sale of products in the fresh air, in extreme cases, a dome is enough. There should be access to running water near the outlet, and there should be electricity in the tent to operate the appliance (you can buy a generator). In order not to take home all the equipment every day, you can arrange to rent a part of the premises located nearby.

If a business intends to sell cotton candy indoors, care must be taken to ensure that it is dry, this will allow the product not to stick and remain attractive to buyers. You also need to pay attention to the ventilation system, it should not be worse than in cafes and canteens. A great place to open a point of sale of cotton candy will be a room next to a cinema, a park, and attractions.


In order not to work independently, leaving time for expanding the business, it is necessary to hire sellers to make and sell cotton candy. In the summer it can be high school students and students who are willing to work for a small but daily wage (from 100 to 250 hryvnia per day). In other cases, you can hire two sellers in turn. They will need to be trained to operate the equipment, stand for a few days, only then will employees be allowed to sell on their own.

Wages can be fixed, for example, 1-2 thousand hryvnia per month, or paid as a percentage of sales, which can either exceed the stable salary or be less than it.