Business Idea for Opening an LED Lighting Store


It is used in apartments, houses, shops and cars. Now almost every designer renovation is not complete without the use of LED lighting for the ceiling, walls and various niches for appliances and decor.

Also, LED lighting is used to illuminate shop windows, facades and the surrounding area. A separate category includes the use of LEDs in outdoor advertising for shops, organizations, enterprises and offices.

People who “improve” cars, that is, decorate the interior with them, make running lights or highlight the bottom, as in the movie “Fast and the Furious”, are very fond of LEDs. All of the above suggests that LED lighting can be used as a business idea. So let’s move on.

Where to Buy Goods for LED Lighting Shop

If you decide to open your own LED lighting business, then you have a direct route to Chinese suppliers. Products such as LEDs, LED strips, tubes, lamps, related electrical appliances, etc. cost nothing in China. It’s scary to even imagine how cheap these goods are in China.

There are several sites on the Internet where you can order goods from China. At the same time, you can find a partner from China and do business with him. Personal contacts with suppliers will help you buy goods in bulk and even cheaper. The most popular online stores selling foreign goods are Aliexpress and Ebay.

It remains only to open an attractive store, which can also be decorated with LED lighting and attract customers. You can carry out additional activities for the provision of lighting installation services and open your own Chinese goods online store, which will provide a complete catalog of products.

And don’t forget to use modern advertising methods. Create a separate Instagram account for the store and create a YouTube channel. On YouTube, you can post unboxings and reviews of new products, as well as tell how you run your business.