Bath business idea on wheels



A bath on wheels is a profitable and very interesting business idea.

This type of business appeared relatively recently, made a lot of noise. Entrepreneurs have already managed to enter this niche, but there are those who have not managed to escape due to lack of knowledge.

It is quite decent to earn here, however, it all depends on the location, as well as on advertising.

Business – bath on wheels

First you need to decide what kind of bath to do:

Making a bath based on a GAZ 66 car is a mistake for many. The fact that this machine is very high is a plus, but the width of the platform is narrow. Actually a bath for 3 people, for 1 group of people.

It is better to remove the platform from the truck, install a wooden structure on it, level it with wood, and prepare the inside. And you can put an end to it. In words everything is easy, but in life not everything is so simple.

How to organize a business to open a bath on wheels

Why a platform from a truck:

The bath must be different from others in order to attract customers. It’s like opening a store, but not rectangular, but round with a football field or an ice rink inside.

In such a store, people will go from nearby places to at least just look. It’s the same here. Strong advertising required. The best advertisement in the world is the sundress on the radio.

Why not use this method in this business:

As soon as the structure stands on the platform, everything is held together, everything looks decent, you can bring furniture. It should be like a house on a platform, it attracts people.

In addition, this bath is designed for 4 companies, which already has a positive effect on business. There are times when you want to run to the bath, but when the bath is small, there are few people, and when the dimensions allow, then why not.

Furniture in the bath is better to choose high-quality, albeit more expensive, but in the soul it will be calm that after a year the furniture does not need to be changed.

the idea of the business - a bath on wheels interior furnish
idea of ​​your business – bathtub on wheels interior decoration

Cons of bathtubs on wheels

Taxes. Since we are setting up a bathhouse in a metropolis or a small town, the conclusion is that no one will just give up. You have to pay for everything, so you immediately need to save from 8 thousand rubles in taxes.

With independent processing of the structure, several months are required for development and installation.

Benefits of a bath on wheels

Payback. Indeed, the payback is fast, but in this case at least 5 months.

Since the platform itself costs a lot of money, it is not worth saving, because the future of the business depends on it. For such a business, five months is not enough.

No work breaks. It is good that you can go to the bathhouse both in summer and in winter. There will be no hang-ups from customers, it is important to design everything correctly, and you can safely make a second bath.

Advertising your bathtub on wheels

Word of mouth is a very common form of advertising.

Radio advertising. People are in traffic jams, drinking coffee in restaurants, lying in bed, 70% of them listen to the radio. This type of advertising has a positive effect on statistics.

It is enough for a person to listen 3 times for him to remember, then he reads the reviews and comes if he likes everything. Specify the prices by radio.

Bulletin board. Not effective advertising, even though it’s free.

YouTube. This is the case when you need to properly advertise. It is better to ask a professional to shoot a high-quality video with all kinds of special effects than to do it yourself. This also affects income.

Leaflet. These ads don’t help. After receiving a flyer, 70% of people drop a flyer at me.

how to organize a business - a bath on wheels
how to organize a business – bath on wheels


Business plan for a bath on wheels

  1. Platform – from 300 thousand rubles;
  2. Wooden house – 400 thousand rubles;
  3. Furniture 250 thousand rubles;
  4. Windows 8sh – 5600 rubles;
  5. The salary of the seller – from 10 thousand rubles;
  6. Cash register – 15 thousand rubles.

The price is high, but it is worth noting that having now invested more than a million rubles, at the end of the year I earned a million in my pocket.

The price of the house depends on the material, if it is timber, the price can be doubled. The number of buyers depends primarily on the appearance, reviews and the number of buyers.

To save some money, you can buy furniture and accessories in bulk. It is important to take into account the fact that the purchase is not for 1 bath, but for 4, since the truck platform has been taken.

As you can see, in order to make money, you do not need to have a higher education or 100 thousand dollars, you need to have an idea, imagination, 15 thousand dollars and you can start building. You can buy a ready-made bath, but the fact is that the price is the same, and the capacity is completely different.

The finished bath can be redone at will, because you can fly for a lot of pennies.

In the absence of imagination and unwillingness to do anything, you can contact the company that produces bathtubs. You can discuss with them and agree on the construction of a bath, indicating all your wishes, but instead of, for example, a million, you will have to pay about 2 million for maintenance and work.

professional finishing of a bath on wheels

professional finishing baths on wheelsSomeone is not enough, but in fact. After all, it is easy to go on the Internet, look for people who understand this.

For example, to build a bathhouse without a company, you will need:

  • Industrial designer (drawings with data, 3D model);
  • Welder. He will tell you how to properly weld the frame;
  • Compiler. On the tree. At this stage, it is important to decide on the tree, you can work with the collector;
  • Layers of metal tiles;
  • Banniks. People are engaged in bath business, they will help in choosing furniture.

Such employees do not need much for work, and if you promise them promotions, bonuses, you will become best friends. As you can see, creating from scratch is easier, you need to have an idea and a desire to do something.