Mass business: 3D printer as a way to make money


People who are engaged in a new modern business always receive consistently high profits, because everything new and unusual attracts customers. Recently, the business of making 3D figures using a special printer has been very popular. The progressive novelty brings owners a good monthly income, people order three-dimensional copies of their friends, movie characters and other interesting things. We will talk about how much you can earn on 3D printing as a business in today’s article.


You must first register as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur in order to legalize your personal business. For small businesses, it will be enough to detect an emergency, due to the fact that this procedure is actually easier and there will be no more difficulties with reporting and taxes. NACE code for job 22. Creation of rubber and plastic products.

Suitable taxation configuration will become easier (6% of income). This will simplify your business and save on accounting, for example, as this system will allow you to autonomously give regular reports.


Unlike a conventional printer that only prints text and images, a 3D model reproduces three-dimensional shapes. A similar result is achieved by gradually applying plastic or wax to each other to obtain the desired object. Moreover, reproducible prototypes may not be inferior to the originals in terms of their characteristics, for example, a “printed” plastic pistol resembles a “fighting brother” in all external data.

Work features:

  • The plastic in the appliance hardens due to ultraviolet rays;
  • The alloy uses laser technology, whereby the printer converts plastic or metal powder into a shape;
  • During operation, the figurine is laminated to increase strength;
  • The printer ends as a result of stereolithography (gradual illumination).


A 3D printing business is a great way to start a personal business, as the start-up costs are quite low. Printers can be purchased for a small required amount (20 thousand hryvnia). An important fabric for creating figurines (usually plastic) costs from UAH 700 to 2 thousand per kilogram of raw materials.

It is possible to realize the developed products in various fields. For example, large figures can be made as souvenirs for friends and family members, for marriage, birthdays and other significant events. In order to arrange a souvenir, it is enough for a person to find an image and load it into a computer, after which the printer itself will make a figure that completely copies the downloaded image.

Now almost all businessmen make money on the resale of figurines of famous artists, the starry sky of sports, cartoon characters and computers. Resale is likely both in bulk, having prepared the product in advance, for example, and personally on request.

Devices for phones, developed on a 3D printer, also have every chance of being a good product for sale. Young people want originality, as a result, covers, cases, key chains for telephones will be in great demand. For motorists, it is possible to invent all sorts of little things in the form of figures of cars, numbers, spare parts. Only imagination has the ability to limit you in this matter.

Another interesting thought is the creation of building layouts. Just imagine how beautiful the three-dimensional building model will look on the table of potential traders. Such an alignment has the ability to be highly appreciated by today’s designers developing demonstrations.

Thanks to the great love of customers for exclusives, the owner of a 3D printer will never have to suffer, its equipment is a deposit of big profits. It is not difficult to receive an application from a buyer, make a three-dimensional model, print it out and sell it with an extra charge of 300-500%!



To analyze the ROI of a 3D printing business, we calculate all costs and revenues.

  • The initial costs of starting a business include:
  • Purchase of a 3D printer – 30 thousand hryvnia;
  • Raw materials and consumables – 4000 UAH.

It is better to buy a set of colored plastic: two parts are black, three are white and five are the choice of the owner of the printer. To this set, you need to add a powerful laptop on which models will be created. Its cost is from 15 to 25 thousand hryvnia. To promote and find customers, you need to create a landing page (Landing Page), which will present samples of models, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers. The cost of the site is 5-15 thousand hryvnia. The total initial costs range from 54 to 79 thousand hryvnia.

Since the entrepreneur will produce and sell the products himself, no wage costs are required. On a monthly basis, it will be necessary to spend 2,000 hryvnias on website promotion and advertising on social networks, and 2-3,000 hryvnias on the purchase of raw materials. The total monthly expenses will amount to 4-5 thousand hryvnia.

To estimate the possible profit, calculate the output power of the printer. The average printing speed is 1 gram in 10 minutes, the average profit is 100 hryvnia per hour. With an average daily work, you can get 1.5-2 thousand hryvnia. Together you can earn 45-60 thousand hryvnia net profit per month. With this schedule, the payback of the business will take from 2 to 4 months.

A 3D figure making business is a great option for an aspiring entrepreneur, low start-up costs and high demand from customers will help you make money quickly. With proper promotion on the Internet, you can get customers not only from your city, but also beyond. Therefore, if you are thinking about starting your own business, then buying a 3D printer will be a great option. In a couple of months, you will be able to earn tens of thousands of hryvnia without leaving your home.


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