6 new business ideas from America


Americans are considered the most enterprising people on the planet. They can make money out of thin air. That is why Ukrainian businessmen often borrow interesting ideas from them and start their own business at home.

Vertical trusses

Square Roots was the first company to talk about creating a vertical farm. The idea itself is quite simple and does not require large investments.

What is this business? The plants are planted in plastic containers, which are arranged vertically in rows. Such a system provides for hydroponic irrigation.

The advantages of the system are obvious. It is possible to reduce water consumption by 5 times, transport costs are reduced. In addition, the farm is compact, if necessary, it can be transported to another location. All you need to grow your business is running water and electricity.

Pay attention!

The company does not disclose the quality of the crop. We can only assume that all products meet American standards.

Disposal of household appliances

In America, you will have to pay a good amount for the removal of unnecessary equipment. Therefore, it can be disassembled and sent for recycling. In Ukraine, such a business also has a chance for successful development.

Watch matches in cyberspace

A new business idea that can bring huge profits. Fans will be happy to see the match. If you want to get together with the company, but this is not possible, you can buy special glasses and download the application to your phone.

The developers of the program improve it and offer to watch matches at an angle of 360 degrees.

Farm at home

The business idea will appeal to people who live in apartments and do not have a dacha. Now you can grow fruits and vegetables right at home. What is a home farm? This is a rack with shelves, which is designed for growing crops.

From the gardener, you need to sow the seeds, fill the containers with water and connect the system using the program on your phone. It will send alerts and tell you what to do with the plants.

Tasty postcards

If you want to please with sweets, it is better not to find a gift. America has a new business idea. Now, instead of ordinary postcards, they produce edible ones. In appearance, the invention is no different from a paper copy.

Postcards for sale with 4 flavors: strawberry, blueberry, orange, lime. The shelf life of the treat is 1 year. Then it becomes a souvenir.

The cost of an edible card is $9. Anyone can buy a product and surprise a loved one. Since the price of the product is low, the business is considered quite profitable. But outside of America, the idea has not yet been appreciated.

salad designer

Since everyone has been talking about a healthy lifestyle lately, it’s time to invent a salad designer. The essence of the idea is that diners of the restaurant should choose the ingredients for their dish. Such a business will soon gain momentum and take root in busy places.

Americans are known for their ingenuity. If you want to start your own business, you can borrow some ideas from them. It is possible that the know-how will be successfully introduced in Ukraine.