4 best Tik Tok business niches


TikTok is a young, but at the same time, a large social network at the moment. Despite this, most businesses cannot consider this as a promotional tool.

In this state, we will break down each TikTok product and how to do business in this new year.

Who is on Tik Tok?

Important fact: in the first quarter of 20 TikTok was downloaded 300 million times.

In 2018, 80% of TikTok was made up of teenagers.

And at the end of 2019, official statistics were published:

The monthly active TikTok audience in Ukraine has reached 18 million users.

Women – 60%, men – 40%.

Children and teenagers make up 43% of the audience, from 18 to 34 years old – 33%, from 25 to 34 years old – 21%.

All these statistics are relevant for information about 300 million downloads. Most of the children’s audience was already on TikTok. What does this mean? That these 300 million people are basically an audience of 20+. So the solvent audience is gradually flowing from Instagram to TikTok, which cannot but please advertisers!

Site contingent

Having dealt with the audience, now it is worth paying attention to the content that can be found on the platform.

TikTok is an entertainment social network, now the main content is dancing, humor, sticky videos and so on.

Users come to TikTok to relax. To some extent, it has become a replacement for the TV, which also shows only those “channels” that interest you.

But I want to note that TikTok has educational content. Here you can meet lawyers with a million subscribers and psychologists with thousands of views. Therefore, it cannot be unequivocally said that one entertainment is impossible here. But, of course, when planning an advertising campaign, you should understand that the main audience wants to “relax” in the application.

Top Best Places to Advertise on TikTok:

1. Youth products of large companies.

One of the most successful cases in my memory is a case with a Sberbank youth card. Everything was designed to perfection, Oschad had a great product for TikTok, a card that could print one of 6 unique prints. A convenient website designer that allows you to select these prints online perfectly “closes” visitors to design.

The big plus was that issuing a card is a free action that increased the conversion dozens of times.

Also, youth merch played out among those who made the card, which became an equally important factor for the TickTok audience.

Bloggers and targets were also involved in this campaign. It worked with a bang.

2. Mobile apps

Targeted advertising on TikTok is one of the cheapest at the moment, and for free games, it will be extremely effective. For obvious reasons:

Free first action (download game/app)

Visual product (Especially good for promoting the game. They showed the gameplay, interrupted it at the most interesting moment with the words “finished the link” and all your settings!)

An entertainment product (as we said, the TikTok audience wants to relax, so why not help them?)

Mobile applications are gradually starting to pay attention to this tool, but the competition is still extremely low. And given that most targeters have no idea what creatives a successful TikTok company needs, I believe that this market is 90% free.

3. A visually pleasing friend.

If your product looks cool, if it can be shown in action in a frame, then it is in the right place on TikTok.

The main condition: you must have delivery at least within the country. After all, a product can be advertised not only through targeting, but also through bloggers, and there it will not work to divide the audience by city.

iPhone cases, puzzles, headphones, clothes, jewelry – all this is easy to show in action. This means that TikTok can become not only an additional, but also the main channel for attracting traffic to your business.

Tip: Create a separate landing page for mobile devices. The main thing is that it loads in seconds and does not contain unnecessary information. You need to bring the visitor to the key action as quickly as possible (capture form, messaging crashes, etc.).

4. Internet products / services

Just like apps, TikTok will be extremely effective for any online event and service. And advertising for bloggers, and targeted advertising.

English schools, EDI online courses, forums/online resources are all great for TikTok ads.


It is difficult to advertise on TikTok for narrowly targeted products (franchises, b2b products, products with a receipt of 100,000+). You should consider this site if your product is large, visually appealing, and modern enough.

But you also need to keep in mind that targeted advertising appeared not so long ago and its capabilities now leave much to be desired. So for businesses that are interested in narrow targeting, TikTok will be TEMPORARILY irrelevant. Since in the near future the targeting capabilities will expand and gradually reach the level of Facebook and Instagram.